The Gorillas Have a Housewarming

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep424 mins2002

This is the first day the rainforest is open to the public. We spend the morning with Vanessa as she readies the gorillas and the exhibit for the zoo visitors’ first look. Everyone is very excited and very tired, but anticipating the big day ahead. When the public comes in they are wowed by the new exhibit, feeling so much closer to the gorillas and other animals.

Diane is a young veterinary technician who has been put in charge of an older marmoset monkey, Cecily. Diane has to feed and clean the monkey this morning and we get to meet two wonderful zoo personalities who have bonded in a way few animals and keepers get to bond at the zoo.

Dan loves camels and he loves to train them. Rebecca is a young camel that many zoo veterans think is untrainable. Dan wants to try. Today is step one. He has to get a halter on her. The going is tough but Dan’s love of camels and his experience as a camel trainer win out this time. There is more to come as Dan hopes to get Rebecca ready to give camel rides at the zoo.

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