The Gorillas Move In

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep124 mins2002

Three wood bison have to be rounded up and coaxed – or rather, scared – onto a van for a move to the Calgary Zoo. They are all young bison, just over a year old, who will help replenish the breeding stock in Calgary.

The new gorilla rainforest is almost complete and it is time to introduce the first gorillas to the exhibit. Since Gorillas do not generally don’t like new places, Vanessa and Diane choose the two youngest male gorillas to test the new exhibit. The keepers are happily surprised at how willingly and easily the gorillas take to their new environment.

Two very cute and cuddly young polar bear cubs arrived at the zoo after being orphaned when their mother was shot and killed on the shores of Hudson’s Bay. Today marks the end of their quarantine. Keeper Chris and vet Graham must coax them into a box and then move them to their new nursery.

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