Great Cities

Checking the Earth
S1:Ep651 mins2007

Just a half century ago, huge cities were an exception. In 1950, only three metropolises in the world – New York, London and Tokyo – had populations of over 8 million people. Twenty years later there were already twenty megalopolises in the world. And by the year 2015 there will be more than thirty, many of them in the so-called third world. The demographic growth of the next few years will take place in the cities and especially in poor nations.

Currently, 100 million people live in the streets of the most populated cities on the planet, living mainly off of garbage and waste dumps. A lack of planning and of means for sustainable development is creating ever-growing and out-of-control urban monsters. Megalopolises are a nesting area for conflicts and inequalities, but they are also a space for solidarity, ethnic mixing, development and the birth of new ideas.

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