Grin and Bear It

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep2724 mins2002

At some zoos, even a minor examination on a bear requires it to be anesthetized with a dart gun. It’s stressful for the bear as well as the keeper. In Wichita, behavioral curator Emily Weiss is teaching the bears to say, “Ah,” and stand still for a needle. If all goes well today, she might even manage to give one a manicure.

After spending the whole summer with another bull, it’s time for Slim (a.k.a. Wild Bill) to move into his new bachelor pad (dock). After all, autumn is mating season. To do that, the zoo crew will have to anesthetize him. Then, there’s the matter of lifting the 700-pound beast!

Moving the zoo’s largest lizards through their pens usually requires a bit of meat and a lot of luck. They will respond to the calls of one or two keepers, but not all of them. Julie Hanna is hoping to change that by training them to follow the red dot of light from her laser pen.

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