Guardians of the Serengeti

Ultimate Africa with Jean Du Plessis
S1:Ep446 mins2008

For the past three-hundred years, the Masai tribes people of East Africa have inadvertently been the protectors of the Serengeti. It's not done out of love for wildlife, but out of preservation of their own culture, and a way of life that co-exists with the animals. Their fierce warriors have prevented neighboring tribes from moving into the Serengeti.

In this episode, Jean will hike the Serengeti's Western boundary with a Masai friend to look at their contribution to the parks history. Today the Serengeti is recognized as one of the most important animal habitats in the world.

From there, Jean will look at its more modern guardians, the Frankfurt Zoological Society, which helps manage the park. Jean will join in a census of the parks animals, fifty years after the first census was carried out by the famous father and son team from Germany. Looking towards the next fifty years, Jean would look at the impact tourism is having on the park and the Masai.

Instructor/Host: Jean Du Plessis
Video Language: English