Gypsies of the Sea: The Turtles of the Indian Ocean

Blue Reef Adventures
S1:Ep825 mins1998

Turtles are among the most captivating of the ocean dwellers, yet their existence hangs in the balance. Their fight for survival begins even before the small hatchlings break through their shells. The eggs are at the mercy of the winds and the tides, and are scavenged by jackals, red ants, monitor lizards and humans.

Once the hatchlings emerge from their sandy nests, they scramble frantically for the sea, pursued by waiting ghost crabs and sea birds. In the water, the young turtles become part of the vast food chain of the ocean. Few hatchlings survive these perils. Fewer still grow to maturity. Those that do, return to nest on the same shores that first saw them struggle to the sea. Peter and Stefania Lamberti visit the Maputaland Coast of South Africa to film this extraordinary story.

Video Language: English