Henbane, used by ancient cultures to open the gateway to a mystical world, has been linked with demons, black magic and witchcraft. Also known as Devil’s Weed, it is a member of the Nightshade family and can be a deadly poison. Take a step into a different state of mind as we observe a group of modern day witches performing a ceremony designed to induce trance. Three experts gather to study the physical, psychological and subjective effects of Henbane on two subjects to determine if there really is a connection of Henbane to the lore of witches and flying. The results are a mixed back of findings for the experts who never come to a complete consensus about the full interpretation of the results.

Featuring: Dr. Andrew Sherratt, Paul Devereux, Dr. Dianne Purkiss, Dr. Elizabeth Williamson, Jim Boyd, Paul Rossouw
Video Language: English