Hands On: Africa Works

Earth Report
S9:Ep1923 mins2005

Corrupt, violent, badly ruled – that’s the Africa we always seem to see on our TV screens. Unless corporations are in for mega-profits from natural resources, why would they ever be there or want to invest there? Lack of investment is one very important reason why Africa remains so poor.

This episode of Hands On travels the length and breadth of the continent to show you the Africa you so seldom see: one bursting with social entrepreneurs, creativity and invention. Stories covered include: solar power used for cooling vaccines in Nigeria; a village tele-center in Ghana provides not only computer training but also acts as a hotbed of new business ideas; a new approach for siting mining activities in Guinea, taking account of environmental and social factors; using technical innovations to improve the fish catch in Tanzania; moves to improve hygiene standards in Ghana's street food markets.

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