Hanging with the Orangutans

Zoo Diaries
S1:Ep1123 mins2002

Garth, a huge soft shell turtle, has been fighting over his food with his mate. In order to stop the fights, the keepers have been overfeeding the turtles. The result has been that Garth has ballooned in weight and has developed gas bubbles under his shell. The zoo vets are called in to deal with Garth’s girth.

Indira and Patrick are the adult Indian rhinos. It has been more than two years since they mated and keeper John Armstrong is certain Indira is in heat. The trouble is Patrick won’t be coaxed by Indira. After many hours of foreplay, Patrick finally gets the message.

The zoo summer campers are off on another adventure. Today they have made piñatas and filled them with food, t-shirts and brushes for the orangutans. They toss them to the orangs and then the fun begins, for the campers as well as the primates.

Video Language: English