Has the Lost Colony of Roanoke Been Found? & Have We Entered the End Times?

Encounters with the Unexplained
S1:Ep5044 mins2002

In 1587, a group of 117 Englishmen, women and children was sent to colonize Roanoke, a barren island off the North Carolina coast. They endured many hardships - hostile Native Americans, lack of supplies and disease. But when an English supply ship finally arrived at the island after a three-year delay, the Roanoke Colony had vanished. No trace of the settlers was ever found. The only clue was one word - CROATOAN - carved into a tree.

Have we entered the beginning of a new millennium - or the end of civilization as we know it? Are we ignoring the many signs of trouble ahead? Many scholars believe that we have entered the 'End Times', a cataclysmic era that ends in an earth-wrenching battle between the forces of good and evil. In recent years a host of climatic, political and technological indicators seem to fulfill biblical End Times prophecy. What can we do to prepare?

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