Healing the Core

One with Nature
S1:Ep522 mins2011Guest: Genevieve Pelletier

If beauty can evolve from chaos, then Grandmother Moon Lodge is a living testament to that belief. Deciding to go it alone without financial support, Mae Louise and Jamie bought 40 acres of untamed pastureland, along with a hodgepodge of derelict buildings. When Grandmother Moon Lodge first started, it had 75 women, and they just came by word of mouth, and it grew from the first 75 women the first year to the last one that we had, which was two summers ago, there was 275 women here.

According to Statistics Canada, Winnipeg has the highest crime rate per capita, and the highest percentage of those crimes is committed in the central part of the city. The core is an area known for gangs, homelessness and addictions. In 2009, after 16 years on the land, Mae Louise decided to sell her property and move back to the city. She founded Thunderbird House, a First Nations resource and gathering place for a growing number of men and women seeking to bring attention to the daily abuse and sexual exploitation of women and children.

Featuring: Genevieve Pelletier
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