Healthy Tea, Winter Sports, Glass of Milk

Body & Soul
S1:Ep2025 mins2004Guest: Kerrie-Anne Baker

Ancient astrology suggests that the circumstances of your physical well-being may be reflected in the stars. The health benefits from green tea were suffering from the unhealthy way the tea was being grown, but new rules have proven challenging to farmers. The world celebrated the 50th anniversary of the polio vaccine. New techniques are being developed to safely disarm landmines. A team of young women have been training for a polar expedition intended to raise money for breast-cancer research. The launch of a new website is aimed at helping kids in violent family situations. Conditioning and proper gear can be keys to avoiding common injuries in snow sports. An actress from Poland has dedicated herself to learning a rare form of Indian dance, and she is the first Westerner to study it. A study shows that organic milk has vastly greater health benefits than the conventional kind. A team of flying doctors is helping people in developing countries see things more clearly. Toilet technology was the subject of the international toilet conference in Beijing.

Featuring: Kerrie-Anne Baker
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