Honeymoon In Kabul

200958 mins

Afghanistan is a land in healing, yet it is still filled with such turbulence and turmoil that it is hardly a place one would consider for a honeymoon. Yet, that is exactly what Dr. Jean Paul Bell and Maggie Haertsch set out to do. Follow along with the happy couple on their harrowing journey of healing, upset and goodwill.

Many of the plans on their itineraries do not work out the way they had intended, yet their resilience and adaptability always save the day, and quite possibly save their lives. This program explores the responsibility and power of the individual to make positive change in society, asking whether well intentioned amateurs can make any difference in a country racked with troubles.

No matter where he goes, Dr. Jean Paul Bell demonstrates the power of a simple brown paper bag to bring a smile and bridge the gap between two cultures; showing us that underneath it all we are all still human with the same needs and capacity to love each other.