Icaros explores the spiritual universe of the Shipibo indigenous people who live by the Ucayali river, one of the main tributaries of Peruvian Amazon.

Mokan Rono is a young man who is determined to start on his own journey to become a healer. He travels along the river to the ancient land of Canchahuaya, cradle of the Shipibo culture. There, he meets Sene Nita a wise shaman who teaches him to follow a special diet in order to be initiated in the traditional knowledge of the ayahuasca.

Back in his community, Mokan Rono collects the necessary plants to prepare this sacred medicine. Following the advice of his mentor and accompanied by his mother, Wasanyaca, a master healer. The young man's story unveils scenes of lightness and darkness, life and death, reality and illusion, showing the depth of the Shipibo Culture.

FeaturingMokan Rono, Sene Nita, Wasanyaca