Ice, Planet, Platypus

S1:Ep924 mins2008

Glacierologists in France have been watching in alarm as their glaciers recede. Around the world, the Alpine ice pack is diminishing, due in no small part to global warming. Researchers have been tracking the slow erosion of the glaciers to gain a clear picture of the evolution of climate and its effects on the environment. Prominent search engine company Google recently launched Google Mars as a feature of Google Earth 5.0. Pictures of the planet taken by the Odyssey spacecraft are beamed back via satellite and can be viewed on your very own PC at home. Hoping to find clues to the evolutionary development from reptiles to mammals, researches are mapping the platypus' genome, and, unsurprisingly, they are discovering the peculiar mammal has a peculiar genetic makeup. Also, we look at the latest development in production of electric and hydrogen-powered cars along with advances in liver treatment.

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