Icy Gates of the Pacific

200352 mins

Vagabond is one of those ships designed and conceived for adventure, for man’s pursuit of the extraordinary and for maritime exploits and feats of courage.

Vagabond is a 50-foot ice-breaking sailing-boat with a crew of seven. Her journey begins at the northernmost cape of Norway, via Murmansk in Russia, the frozen Siberian coasts and the Bering Strait, arriving three months later at Nagoya in Japan: a route known as the North-East Passage.

In all, 5 months at sea.

But that prowess in itself is not the principal achievement of the Vagabond and her crew: she will be the first sailing-ship to traverse the North-East Passage without a winter lay-up and without an ice-breaker to open up a path through the ice floes.

The Icy Gates of the Pacific is a fascinating tale of discovery, adventure, human encounters and awe-inspiring natural beauty in the frozen wastes of the Northern hemisphere.