Ignite Your Intuition (Craig Karges)

Book Tours with Corinne Edwards
S1:Ep1324 mins1999Guest: Craig Karges

Improve your memory, make better decisions and achieve your full potential! Craig Karges shows you how in Ignite Your Intuition, a revealing look at the power of the unconscious mind.

By moving a key with his mind, Craig demonstrates in this interview how the unconscious mind instigates an idio-motor response in the mind-body connection. He asserts that connecting to your intuition is how you harness your unconscious potential.

Intuition is all that information you take in that you aren't consciously paying attention to. Moving matter with your mind may be the next step, but Craig shows how the real magic is learning how to access this warehouse of information, ideas and experiences in the mind and using that connection effectively in your decision-making process.

Instructor/Host: Corinne Edwards
Featuring: Craig Karges
Video Language: English