The Imagery Path to Healing (Dr. Frank Lawlis)

Well-Being with Dr. John MacCallum
S1:Ep824 mins1998Guest: Dr. Frank Lawlis

A sports coach very early in his career, Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of Transpersonal Medicine, discovered athletes performed significantly better if they had the correct image in their mind. As a professor of medicine, he transfers the power of positive imagery to helping those who are facing challenging illnesses such as cancer. As we watch our immune system respond dramatically, perhaps learn to control blood pressure or heart rate, and see results through biofeedback and other methods, we learn more about the integral relationship between mind and body. We recognize how our very consciousness plays the most powerful part in manifesting our intentions and healing.

Instructor/Host: Dr. John MacCallum
Featuring: Dr. Frank Lawlis
Video Language: English