Inner and Outer Spiral Anusara Yoga

Christine Price Clark
AnusaraAdvanced-31 hr, 4 mins

In the practice of Anusara Yoga™ with Christine Prize Clark, the back of the body represents a universal energy, while the front body, a more individual energy. With the practice of moving both physically and emotionally into the back body (that which is unseen but also deeply supportive), we affirm our individual connection to serve the greater good. In this 60 minute practice, we will focus primarily on the principles of Inner and Outer Spiral. Inner Spiral will move the thighs back and expand the pelvis (expanding into the back body), and the contracting energy of Outer Spiral will move the thighs forward and contract the pelvic floor. Our practice is one of moving into the back body and with that remembrance moving forward with a renewed sense of oneness.