Innu Guardians

One with Nature
S1:Ep322 mins2011Guest: Genevieve Pelletier

This vast expansive Northeastern Canada is one of the largest, untouched, indigenous territories in the world. The Innu have thrived here for thousands of years doing what has always defined them as the people; living on the land. But, this way of life has been threatened; relocation of the Innu in 1967 to Davis Inlet, and then later to Netwashish, and Sheshatshiu. Today, the Innu have finally gained the means to defend themselves and their territory. In 1993, they created their own environmental protection agency, based in Seshatshiu.

From here environment watchdogs are deployed, acting as guardians who enforce environmental laws across the Innu homeland. Working for their own nation, and not for the developers, monitors are kept busy policing and reporting any environmental violations across the Innu’s vast territory. Modern tools combined with traditional knowledge creates a unique approach to development, a new kind of environmental assessment and monitoring, that’s most fitting for the Innu, and perhaps the rest of the planet.

Featuring: Genevieve Pelletier
Video Language: English