Well-Being with Dr. John MacCallum

Integrated Healing and Cancer Care (Dr. Mitchell Gaynor)

1998Ep123 mins
Guest: Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

Do such practices as guided imagery, nutrition, and mediation with voice, sound, and music play a role in the acute care of cancer? Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, M.D., author of Healing Essence, speaks to the benefits these practices elicit. The stress, depression or anxiety that people and loved ones feel can seriously impair immune function and psychosomatic stability, so it's critically important to address the whole person when taking care of serious illnesses. Alternative practices allow people to center themselves and be at the helm of their own healing while taking advantage of what modern medicine can offer.

Instructor/Host: Dr. John MacCallum
Featuring: Dr. Mitchell Gaynor
Video Language: English