There are so many wonderful things you’ll be learning over the next 7 days, and one of the most powerful we hope to show you is that your body is capable of the most amazing things.

The 7 Day Food Matters Cleanse is a complete guided program hosted by Food Matter’s James Colquhoun. This program was designed and meticulously crafted to help you gently eliminate toxins and boost your energy with the power of juices, smoothies, and soups.

A little bit about cleansing:

Cleansing is a natural process of rebalancing your body and removing toxins that are holding you back from experiencing ultimate health and vitality. Going on a liquid cleanse that combines nutrient-dense smoothies, juices and soups will help improve your energy levels because you actually reduce the work your body needs to do to digest the food. In turn, this will allow your body to rejuvenate itself gently.

In this cleanse you will learn how you can eliminate food cravings, have abundant energy throughout the day, kick-start your immune system and, as an extra bonus, many people say they have shed a few unwanted pounds in the process.


Instructor/HostJames Colquhoun
FeaturingJames Colquhoun