It's in the Bag for Jahe

Zoo Diaries
S3:Ep124 mins2002

Maya, the zoo’s oldest Tasmanian devil, hasn’t been moving too well. Maria Franke, the keeper and vet Graham Crawshaw catch Maya for a check-up. At the health center they discover a large tumor around the devil’s hips. There may be no other choice but to put him down.

Kudus are the largest of the African antelopes. Today the vets and keepers are visiting a new arrival, a beautiful baby kudu. They have to check the baby’s gender, and see whether its legs are strong. They also tag it and take blood. The hard part is separating it from its mother.

Primates, especially the very advanced ones like orangutans, always need enrichment to make their days more interesting. Today the keepers are putting a huge stuffed dog into the holding area with the youngest orang, 4-year-old Jahe. Jahe plays with the dog but eventually becomes far more interested in a discarded bag.

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