Jane Carroll – Floral Designer

Women on Top
S1:Ep421 mins2006

Jane Carroll became a celebrity floral designer despite financial hardships, limited opportunities and teenage pregnancy. Her initial aspirations of becoming a professional athlete were cut short by financial difficulties. At 19, Jane became pregnant and married her much older boyfriend, but Jane had bigger ambitions than being a housewife. In this episode we learn what compelled Jane to risk her financial security to grow a tiny floral business into a multimillion dollar company.

After taking a Japanese floral arraignment class she started a small floral business in her basement. She dedicated many hours to her new career, determined to make a success of it. Jane knew she had something special with her flower designs and sought to gain the attention of Oprah’s “O List.” Only she believed she could do it. She persevered, achieved her dream and now is at the top of her glamorous field.

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