Jaye Hersh – Intuition Boutique/Celebrity Shopper

Women on Top
S1:Ep721 mins2006

Jaye grew up well-to-do, worked as a fashion industry executive and lost her first $40 million dollar business in her divorce. Jaye refused to be defeated and kept going, during those lean times, for her kids. Jaye started selling pashminas and trendy handbags from her car and her friends set up home shopping parties for her. Word spread of Jaye’s fabulous fashion finds. Before she knew it, she was doing nearly $1 million dollars in sales annually out of her home before the neighbors complained.

Refusing to be defeated, again, she relocated to her current store where celebrity clients like Lucy Liu and Jessica Simpson found her. In the fast-paced fashion business, Jaye keeps moving and Intuition is the hottest celebrity boutique in Los Angeles. In this episode we see how Jaye Hersh went from riches to rags and back to riches again.

Video Language: English