S1:Ep1125 mins2001Guest: Dean McCoubrey

Known as the Holy City, Jerusalem is more than three thousand years old. Situated high on the Judean hills, Jerusalem is a unique example of living history, ancient and current, tranquil and troubled. Throughout its long history, Jerusalem has always been a religious centre, and the culture of spirituality and cooperation among its diverse population is evident everywhere. At every turn there are museums, religious sites and archeological places of interest. It’s a place where almost every building has a story.

Jerusalem is divided into three sections: the Old City, New City or West Jerusalem, and East Jerusalem. The walled Old City, in the centre, contains Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Armenian quarters. Being such a melting pot of cultures, Jerusalem enjoys the benefits of thousands of years of traditional healing knowledge.

A Dead Sea healing experience is not to be missed. Known for centuries for its therapeutic benefits, the Dead Sea draws thousands of visitors each year to its strange but intriguing shores. Jerusalem is a beautiful city, teeming and alive, despite its current difficulties. It is a sacred city, holy to millions, and it still inspires the dreams and devotions of all who come to experience its uniqueness.

Featuring: Dean McCoubrey
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