Jerusalem & Bahrain

Unusual Cultures
S1:Ep226 mins2012

Jerusalem is the city where the world's three major monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) originated. It literally pulses with culture. The faith manifests itself in its purest original sense. While wandering around Jerusalem, we will see pilgrims carrying the symbolical cross on the Way of the Cross, or orthodox Jews in the closed Mea Shearim neighborhood celebrating the ancient Sukkoth feast or dancing to celebrate the mystical Torah scrolls in front of the Wailing Wall. In addition, you will see with your own eyes the unique ritual of locking the temple on the Golgotha and delivering the temple keys to the Muslim key holder, who makes sure that the representatives of the various Christian churches don't fight over them.

In fabulously wealthy Bahrain, we will see traditional Islamic celebrations and ways of life. Although this is a modern state, traditions are still alive in Bahrain. Bahrainis like playing board games in the streets at night, sitting down with friends to smoke decorated water pipes, and enjoy the effects of the tobacco smoke, together with the eating of bread baked in a traditional clay furnace.

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