Kallawaya, Son Of Lightning

Living Cultures
S1:Ep451 mins2009Guest: Max, Johnny, Mathias, Ramon

Max Chura Mamani, a well-known Kallawayan doctor, is a descendant of the doctors of the Incan kings who ruled the Andes before the Spanish conquest. Max’s extended scientific knowledge of more than 1,000 medicinal plants astonishes western researchers. His garden lies at an altitude of 3,000 meters in the Bolivian valley of Charazani, the home of the Kallawaya.

Today, Max will teach his adopted son Johnny the secrets of the Kallawayan medicine. Together, they travel by foot across the mountains, from village to village, to heal those in need. Kallaway, Son of Lightning, brings out the profound harmony between these spiritual men of knowledge and the mountains that are inherently sacred.

Featuring: Max, Johnny, Mathias, Ramon
Video Language: English