Kathleen Raine: Living with the Mystery

The Golden Thread
S1:Ep445 mins1995Guest: Kathleen Raine

The English poet Kathleen Raine devoted her life to the defense of the “ancient sources” of wisdom and to the creative power of imagination. As the tireless life and soul of Temenos, a magazine dedicated to the sacred traditions of humanity, Raine is also the founder of the Temenos Academy for the study of universal wisdom.

Kathleen Raine was a fine English poet, even receiving a golden medal from the Queen herself. She was also an expert poetry scholar, studying the works of William Blake, who already in the 1700s forecast a new form of consciousness, a form we are only reaching now. According to Blake, who, in the words of Kathleen Raine, was a “prophet in the biblical sense, with a spiritual message for his nation,” imagination is divine essence, the eternal world we will all reach once we perish.

Featuring: Kathleen Raine
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