It’s 1968. The happiness of young, newly married Cassie and John Woodbridge is shattered when John dies of a cerebral hemorrhage. But then, John finds himself in the present day, with no memory of who he is nor where he’s from. Via hypnosis, Laura gleans John’s name and address; she takes John to his home. Cassie is there, older by twenty-five years, but John doesn’t remember her. Later, Laura and J.J. learn that John died in 1968 and that his body was disinterred three days earlier by Cassie. Moreover, Laura is feeling drained and weak; somehow, the reanimated John is drawing out Laura’s life force. Meanwhile, Cassie has finally reawakened John’s memory of her; she confesses that she brought John back from the dead. Laura and J.J. arrive, demanding Cassie undo the spell.

Featuring: Shari Belafonte, Carl Marotte
Video Language: English