The Killer Sharks

The Ocean Mosaic
S1:Ep352 mins1999Guest: John Stoneman

Shark behavioralist and filmmaker John Stoneman visits some of the most exotic locations in the world to explore some of the facts (and myths) about sharks first hand. He also educates the viewer on interesting aspects of these veritable killing machines. Of the world’s sharks, the great white, the bull and the tiger are involved in the greatest number of attacks on humans, which is why they are considered the world’s most dangerous sharks. The great white, a monstrous black-eyed predatory shark which specializes in hunting by ambush, moves stealthily despite its enormous size. The bull shark is believed to be the shark that kills more humans than any other species. In open water, the bull is aggressive and deliberate as it challenges any diver, swimmer, or fellow shark foolhardy enough to enter its hunting grounds. The unpredictable tiger shark has extremely effective teeth for dealing with its large prey: on one edge of the tooth is a slashing knife, on the other, a crystalline saw tipped with a dagger point.

Featuring: John Stoneman
Video Language: English