A Kookaburra Sing-Along

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep724 mins2002

Zuri is a 4-year-old gorilla who has never been integrated into the family group. At first, she was kept out because she has epilepsy. Now the other gorillas will not accept her. So the zoo is sending her to the Calgary Zoo where they have a very young gorilla population who may be more willing to accept Zuri. Today they have to knock her down to put her in a shipping crate. In the meantime this beloved animal is visited by many of the keepers who have worked with her over the years. It is a sad good-bye.

Back in the ferret barn, the ferret babies are a little older, so Andrea goes back in to take the babies away for weighing and medication. It has to be done carefully so as not to upset the mother ferret and the other ferret mothers who could reject their babies.

Mark and Tahra meet a group of teenage girls who are at the zoo to see, hear and study bird sounds. Their biggest challenge today will be to make the kookaburra sing. First they try playing Kookie a tape of kookaburra sounds. When that doesn’t work they imitate the bird’s cry. Eventually they make Kookie sing.

Video Language: English