Kundalini Yoga (Ravi Singh & Dr. Patricia Armour)

Pillars of Health with Christopher Royce
S1:Ep123 mins1998Guest: Ravi Singh, Patricia Armour M.D.

Part 1: Ravi Singh, advanced Kundalini Yoga practitioner and students demonstrate the benefits of Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini means spirit rising, in reference to a literal energy that when we access, makes us great in all things. Yoga aligns the chakras so the energy can flow, works on muscle tone, nervous system strengthening, and spiritual meditation.

Part 2: Patricia Armour practices a holistic approach to therapy in the areas of relationship and sexuality. Using three simple steps, memory, imagination and affirmation, she shows you how to tap the power of your mind to help you achieve what you want. Make changes in your life by practicing your conscious awareness rather than leaning on others to fix you.

Instructor/Host: Christopher Royce
Featuring: Ravi Singh, Patricia Armour M.D.
Video Language: English