In La Source, water does not come easy. For the past two hundred years, villagers of this remote Haitian village have had to choose either to endure a dangerous and physically taxing walk to fetch clean water, or drink contaminated water from a nearby river. For over 30 years the people in the village attempted to address this problem by constructing a means to channel the water from a natural spring in the mountains, but with limited funding and an unsupportive government, their attempts were to no avail.

For the Lajeunesse Brothers, the time had come to finish the work their father and their community had started. As a young man, Josue moved from La Source to New Jersey, where he found employment as a custodian at Princeton University. His custodial work and second job as a taxi driver, which total close to 20 hours a day, allows him to send money home to La Source. This means that his brother, Chrismedonne, who remained in La Source and found work as a carpenter, could properly channel the water from the mountain into their village.

Our journey to La Source takes us on an adventure as the Lajeunesse brothers work together to rally the support of a group of Princeton students, a Los Angeles-based charity called Generosity Water, and the people of La Source to fulfill their late father's dream - to improve the conditions of their impoverished village. La Source is not just a movie about the transformation that occurs in a community when provided the most basic commodity of all, but the story of two brothers empowered by a vision and how they were able to ignite the passion of people thousands of miles away to change the lives of the people in La Source forever. Where water runs, life flows.