Labyrinth Peace Garden

Spiritual Gardens
S1:Ep823 mins206Guest: Grahame Beakhust

Some gardens are specifically designed for contemplation and relaxation. One such garden is the Labyrinth Peace Garden in Kincardine, on the shores of Lake Huron. Here people gather to engage different strategies of contemplation in which to journey through the labyrinth. The original intention of the garden is to focus on peace, a peace within. When one has a sense of internal peace, then one can begin to reflect that peace outwardly to the community and eventually to the world. Come and explore a labyrinth where every part of the garden has been planned out with every detail having a specific intention. Even the colors of the flowers have meaning. They represent the colors of the chakras and as one walks the labyrinth the flowers help bring about a subtle balance to one’s energy field.

Featuring: Grahame Beakhust
Video Language: English