Land of the Little Sticks with Greg Hardy

Landscape as Muse
S1:Ep1424 mins2007

We join painter Greg Hardy on the tundra in the Land of the Little Sticks in the Northwest Territories. He gets an overall feel of the landscape by doing some initial sketches. The initial drawings become a memory of his feelings so that it can be transferred to the canvas when he is in the studio. It is less about capturing the images, but rather responding to the feelings.

Viewing some of his works, he tells us about the development of his work as he transitioned from oil to acrylic. We share his sense of peace as he explains that there is an infinite amount of information in the landscape. It is up to the individual to choose what to respond to. As a painter, you cannot be concerned about what other people respond to. It is important to get what you feel compelled to capture.

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