Lara DeLuisa & Christina Bartolucci – Cosmetic Designers

Women on Top
S1:Ep221 mins2006

Opposite in so many ways, Laura DeLuisa and Cristina Bartolucci separately became top Hollywood hair and make-up artists. Together, they decided to risk their careers and created the sexy, multi-million company DuWop Cosmetics. In this episode we see how they united to beat the odds in the glamorous world of cosmetics.

It started as the duo began mixing ingredients in Laura’s kitchen and testing the products on the actors on set. It was their innovation and creativity that got them noticed. By 2005, the revenues of DuWop exceeded $15 million. As we explore the passion and power of these two we see them get ready to take DuWop to the next level. But, can they do it on their own?

Video Language: English