A Life Without Limbs

An Ordinary Life
S1:Ep744 mins2009

Witnessing a small boy grow up and become a world champion swimmer is exceptional… witnessing him do so without full arms or legs is astounding. Cameron Leslie is 21 and was born malformed limbs. Figuring out how he’s going to physically do any task with legs that finish mid thigh, one finger on the right hand, and a stump on the left has and always will be challenging.

Raised on a farm in Rural New Zealand, his parents didn’t know what to expect for his future. Life’s been tough, at times he’s faced discrimination, but the biggest challenge has been proving to others her has the strength and wherewithal to become a world champion. Cameron shocked everyone when at 17 he became world record holder and gold medallist in the Men’s 100 meter individual medley at the Beijing Paralympics.

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