Lilou Joins Neale Donald Walsch

57 mins

Continuing her Juicy Living Tour USA, Lilou Mace sits with Neale Donald Walsch in his home in Ashland Oregon. He shares his personal experiences and how, through trial and tribulation, he came to a place where he finally knew god. He explains that your most basic need is your spiritual growth. In fact, the more dire of a situation that you find yourself in, the greater the need for you to reconnect with the divine aspect of yourself.

When we open to that divinity, the seat of the soul, we open ourselves to a level of wisdom and insight that opens us to ideas and solutions that we would not have seen before. In opening to the divine, we call upon that ‘universal source’ to provide us with just the right opening to get us out of the mess we are in.

Join Neale Donald Walsch as he explains how life can actually resolve itself and what love truly is.

Instructor/HostLilou Mace
FeaturingNeale Donald Walsch