Lilou Joins Tiffany Tatum

24 mins

Overlooking the Nepali Coast in Hawaii, Lilou Mace continues her Juicy Living Tour USA as she joins Tiffany Tatutm in her power place to talk about the power of sound and remembering who we truly are. Many cultures believe that sound was used for the creation of the universe and as a force of purification. Tiffany has developed a system she calls Sonic Alchemy where she can see dense energies and crystallized fields in people. Then she uses singing, didgeridoo, and other sonic tools to break up the energy.

Tiffany shares a message from the Earth that a polarity shift is occurring. Experience all of your senses, in this moment, and be in presence with the shift. Always remember to love each other through this shift. Tune in to hear Tiffany singing the healing song of the morning dove. It is a song for a new day; a call to move through the shadow of the past.

Instructor/HostLilou Mace
FeaturingTiffany Tatum