Lilou Talks with Carl Calleman

34 mins

Dr. Carl Calleman is an expert on the Mayan calendar and explains to Lilou Mace, as part of her Juicy Living Tour USA, exactly what is happening on December 21st, 2012. He feels the date has no meaning whatsoever. However, there is a great shift in consciousness that is coming.

Dr. Calleman explains that the Mayans describes nine waves, or a build-up of nine levels of consciousness. Each one is 20 times higher in frequency and all of these waves come to an end on October 28th, 2011. A cosmic consciousness comes with the end of the ninth wave when the Jerusalem Hug takes place. This is when thousands of people come together to pour their love into Jerusalem. What will come is a transcendence of dominance where leadership and dominance goes away and a new kind of democracy comes to offer real freedom.

Instructor/HostLilou Mace
FeaturingCarl Calleman