Lilou Talks with Larry Dossey, Part 2

31 mins

Lilou Mace, once again joins Dr. Larry Dossey in his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as part of her Juicy Living Tour USA (see also: Part 1). They talk about his upcoming 12th book, One Mind. In coming to his understanding of the concept of one mind, Dr. Dorssey takes us on a journey through his past. He explains how his experiences in Vietnam changed how he viewed the world. Such as the understanding that to saving another person’s life is to share a oneness with them in the sense that you are really saving yourself.

This experience of being one with someone else is not rare at all, and there are examples in biology that support this. He offers examples in the movements of fish and starlings to amazing events in human history. This extension of consciousness is what he calls a non-local mind, or an infinite mind that transcends time and space. If our minds can do this, then there must be some dimension where all of these minds are all one mind.

Join Dr. Larry Dossey and Lilou Mace as they talk about the process of distance healing, the role of ego and the practical importance of being connected with each other and the Earth.

Instructor/HostLilou Mace
FeaturingLarry Dossey