A Lion Cub Gets Frisky

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep224 mins2002

Sani is the oldest female polar bear at the zoo. Her keeper, Kelly, has been noticing some blood in her den. The vet, Graham, is worried she has female problems. Graham knocks her out and takes her to the health centre for examination and treatment.

Two young lions are about to experience their exhibit for the first time. They are nine months old, but most of their exhibit is closed for the winter so they haven’t had the opportunity to experience it. Up to now the exhibit was sealed off by an electric fence and they know from experience not to get close to the gate. Although the electric wires have been removed, the young cubs do not trust the gate.

Louisa, the head keeper of the elephants, has been moved to the health centre and has become the zoo’s chief animal trainer. Today she is training Chao Nao a red panda who has been very sick in the past. Chao needs regular examinations and the vets do not want to anaesthetize her every time. So it is Louisa’s job to train Chao to accept being examined while she is awake.

Video Language: English