The Lions Get Their Shots

Zoo Diaries
S5:Ep924 mins2002

Today’s the day for the lions to get their shots. Brad’s hoping they’re now comfortable in the squeeze chute that holds them in place for the shots. But they might be a little too comfy – and savvy enough to use the chute to make it more difficult for the vets to do their job.

The Vancouver Aquarium has embarked on a special project to measure the breathing capabilities of a variety of marine mammals. The trick? Getting the animals to stay still under a breathing chamber – without food as a reward. Today it’s Imaq the beluga whale’s turn. If he does well, all he’ll get is physical contact: rubs on his tongue and forehead.

Lexus the one-year old camel has a belly ache. He’s so bloated, he looks like he’s pregnant. So they’re taking him on a one-hour ride to a more specialized clinic, and crossing their fingers the vets there will find some answers.

The Lions Get Their Shots
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