A Llama Goes Down

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep1424 mins2002

Dixie the llama can barely stand up, let alone make the short walk from her exhibit to the animal health center. The zoo’s staff hope it’s just the effects of a hot day, but in the back of their minds, they recall a llama with similar symptoms who died last summer – not from the heat, but from a mysterious neurological condition.

A Barbary Ape named Shannon might take sibling rivalry to the extreme. She’s already been challenging her parents and aunt with aggressive behavior. Now, for the first time, she’ll be released into the exhibit with her new two-day-old sibling.

As “seasonal” keepers at the zoo, Jenn and Courtney help out with the free-flying bird demonstration. The girls’ best chance of getting into the show is to train a pair of Harris Hawks named Richard and Mike. Now if the birds would just come when they’re called.

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