Mavis and Brian Hamilton designed a flex house to accommodate their growing family’s needs. Built with health and safety in mind, the home is quake proof and clad in durable Hardiplank siding. An HRV system and the use of healthier paint ensure good indoor air quality. It’s a home this family will enjoy for years to come.

Ian and Margo are marketing health…and it seems to be working. Eight of the first 19 lots in Hawthorne Hill have sold. In this trend-bucking development, the environment and health come first - no manicured lawns or vinyl siding here. Hawthorne Hill homeowners will celebrate healthy lives inside healthy homes that work with, not against, the environment.

Harold Kalke’s vision for developing an old car lot is a model of a sustainable building that integrates commercial, retail and residential space. A geothermal system removes excess heat from the commercial spaces that then heats the 2nd floor apartments. Efficient windows save energy and provide soundproofing from the busy street.

We’ve become a car-dependent nation. We’re driving more and walking less. That has huge ramifications for our personal health…and for our healthcare budget. Walking is an easy and enjoyable way to get the exercise we require. And there are no expensive gym fees… a good pair of shoes is all you need.

Instructor/Host: Tamara Stanners
Video Language: English