A Look Inside a Rhino

Zoo Diaries
S5:Ep1024 mins2002

Indira the Indian rhinoceros has bred before, but in preparing for breeding her this time, the Toronto Zoo staff discovered growths on her uterus. That made breeding attempts secondary. The main concern now is making sure the tumors don’t grow large enough to cause infection. And that means examining her insides. Indira must cooperate, but that might be tricky.

It’s taken longer for Chrissie and Harrington to breed than Lisa was expecting. She’s starting to think they may have missed their window of opportunity. But Lisa’s giving it one last try. If things pan out, the zoo might just get a baby tree kangaroo.

It’s one of the best parts of the job at the Vancouver Aquarium: swimming with Spinnaker the dolphin. But it’s not just fun. By getting into the water with him, his keepers can examine every bit of him up close. That’s if they can get him to stay still. No easy task for a dolphin who can swim as fast as forty miles per hour.

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