To Love and Be Loved (Sam Keene)

Omega with Penny Price
S1:Ep2424 minsGuest: Sam Keene

Penny Price talks to Sam Keen about his book, To Love and Be Loved. Sam discusses that fact that we all have an intuition that we are made to love and be loved, and that it surpasses all our other needs and desires. He believes that we need to learn that we are all related to one other, that we are not separate beings from one another, and that we need to love one another if we are ever going to thrive.

Keen says that to have fulfillment in our lives we should not ask the question, “How do I get love?” but rather we need to ask ourselves, “How do I become a loving human being?”

Instructor/Host: Penny Price
Featuring: Sam Keene
Video Language: English