Luangwa – River of Extremes

Gift of the Rains: Africa’s Great Rivers
S1:Ep326 mins2001

Hidden between the mountains of Africa’s Rift Valley flows a majestic river that brings an abundant surge of water to the Luangwa Valley. But this abundance does not last throughout the year, changing dramatically between summer and winter from a full-flowing river to a muddy trickling stream.

During this dry period life for the animals that live along this river becomes a constant struggle. Hippos are pushed closer and closer together until violent fights break out. Animals are drawn to river from the surrounding valley, to find water and food. For many, it becomes a deadly trap. But for the lions of the Luangwa this is a time of plenty, as they take advantage of the trapped animals.

After six months of no rain, life for the animals becomes extremely desperate. Just as there seems to be no hope of survival, the clouds gather over the mountains and rain brings relief to the Luangwa Valley and its inhabitants. Almost overnight the river fills to its full majesty and all is well in this forgotten valley hidden between the mountains of Africa’s Rift Valley.

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