Join photographer Ami Vitale as she explores what it means to be Malagasy.

The journey begins on the old pirate island of Nosy Bé in the northwest. With the French skipper Nicolas, Ami sails along the rugged coast to the realm of a king of the Sakalava culture. Armed only with her camera and a few newly acquired phrases in the local language, she ventures into villages seldom visited by strangers, she learns how to carry a bucket of water on her head, winnow grain and protect the beauty of one's skin beneath the blazing African sun. Ultimately Ami gets a private audience with King Momad, one of the last kings of Madagascar.

In Diego Ami meets gem trader John who shows her sapphire mines, and pilot Yves takes her to the Malagasy highlands in his small propeller plane for some breathtaking aerial photographs. In the capital of Antananarivo, Ami meets musician Rajéry, who lets her in on one last secret -- the sound of Madagascar, which goes straight to the heart.

Video Language: English